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Advances Settings

User Password: If you enter a user password here, this password must be also entered in the AIO CREATOR NEO. The user password is intended to protect your AIO GATEWAY of misuse.

Set admin password: Here you can change the administrator password.

Sensor Mode: Select the sensor mode of your AIO GATEWAY (to detect a specific sensor brand). Please note: For all AIO GATEWAYs which are equipped with two sensor chips (i.e. AIO GATEWAY V4 Plus), you can only change the sensor mode of the second chip. The first sensor chip is set to “HomeMatic” automatically.

Update Gateway Firmware from local File: To update the AIO Gateway Firmware from a local File (i.e. to reinstall an older firmware). Please note that you may only install firmware files, which are provided by Mediola - connected living AG.

Backup Gateway: To generate a local backup of your AIO GATEWAY.

Restore Gateway: To install an existing backup of your AIO GATEWAY.

Use the „Revert“-Button to undo the changes.

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