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Import a configuration from IQONTROL NEO

To import an IQONTROL NEO configuration, start the software AIO CREATOR NEO, enter your activation key for the IQONTROL NEO plugin and log in with your mediola account credentials (the same as for IQONTROL NEO).

Now click the button “IQONTROL NEO-Import” on the AIO CREATOR NEO start screen.

Enter your mediola account credentials.

Then select the configuration you want to import, enter the configuration password and click “Next”.

Once the import has been successful, close the dialog with the “close window” button.

Now all rooms, devices, tasks, scenes and heat plans are imported and available in the corresponding categories of AIO CREATOR NEO. In the next step you can create a completely individual user interface using the AIO CREATOR NEO tools (such as widgets).

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