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Integrate an AIO GATEWAY in the device manager

There are two ways to setup your AIO GATEWAY to your network automatically:

  1. Once you have clicked on the “Search Gateways” button in the gateways tab of the device manager and selected “AIO GATEWAY” in the following dialog, the system detects the network. If your AIO GATEWAY has not been integrated by ConfigTool yet, the user is asked if the AIO GATEWAY shall be adjusted automatically to the right network settings. By confirming this dialog, the AIO GATEWAY will be adapted to your network and added as a new gateway in the device manager.
  2. Alternatively you can use the ConfigTool to setup your AIO GATEWAY to your network. After your AIO GATEWAY was set up correctly with the ConfigTool, it now can be imported automatically to NEO with the “Search Gateways” function.

Task Manager:
For devices controlled with AIO GATEWAY you can use a task manager to set up time-triggered and event-triggered automations.

Note: If you don't have set an individual password for your AIO GATEWAY with the ConfigTool you can leave the boxes for user and password blank.

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