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Create heat plans

Starting with version 2.7.0 of the AIO CREATOR NEO, it is possible to create heating plans on the AIO GATEWAYs of the V6 series (firmware 1.10.0 or higher) and on the V5 Plus (1.1.11).

Heating plans can only be created for heating devices that have been connected to the AIO GATEWAY, these are:

  • Homematic
  • Homematic IP
  • Smartwares
  • Eltako
  • Möhlenhoff alpha 2 underfloor heating (via the IP device manager)
  • FRITZ! (via the IP device Manager)
  • Rehau NEA Smart underfloor heating (via the IP device Manager)
  • Kopp underfloor heating (via the IP device manager)

To create a heating plan, open the tab Gateways in Device Manager and select your AIO GATEWAY. Choose here manage heat plans .

Here you can create a new heat plan by clicking Create heat plan .

First you can set the name of the heat plan and switch the heat plan active or inactive. You then specify the days for which the heat plan should apply and the total duration of the heat plan by entering the start and end date.

Then you can specify the heat plan in detail. For this you have a graphical representation in the coordinate system. On the X-axis is the time, while the Y-axis shows the temperature (0-30 ° C).

The 24 hours of the day are divided into five heating periods (blocks). To modify a period simply click on the block and adjusted it in length (time) and height (temperature).

It is not possible to generate additional heating blocks or use less than five heating blocks.

The last of the five heating blocks can not be adjusted in length and represents the remaining time until 24 o'clock. Its length depends on the time up to which the fourth heating block has been set.

If you have created your heat plan, you can now assign the heating components via the button Assign devices . Now tick one or more devices. Finally click apply.

Use Save to return to the heat plan overview. Here you can delete or duplicate existing heat plans.

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