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Enter custom commands for an IP-AV-Receiver

In addition to the long list of already integrated and selectable functions (via drop dpwn menu), you can also enter more functions.

The prerequisite is of course that the AV receiver provides these functions. Most manufacturers publish special technical documentations with the needed command lists.

If the desired and technically available function is not applied to the system yet, you can enter it manually. You can do this by assigning an action eg. to a button-element. In the “assign action” menu please select your AV Receiver and choose “custom command” in the “select command” drop down.

Now you can enter the respective command line to the “set value to” box.

The command format is usually as follows:


The string after the question mark is the command parameter (in the shown example it is: MVUP). The rest of the command line usually remains unchanged.

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