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Integrate MAX! Cube as a gateway

If you are using the AIO CREATOR NEO with a MAX! plug-in, you can integrate the MAX! Cube as a gateway in the device manager. For this purpose you can use the „search gateway“ button, to import the configuration of your MAX! Cube automatically. Alternatively you can configure your MAX! Cube manually by clicking the „new gateway“ button.

Automatic Import

If you use the „search gateway“ function, please select MAX! Cube in the first step.

Important note: The MAX! Cube can only be found and imported automatically, if it is in the same subnet as the computer, on which the AIO CREATOR NEO software is used.

If one or more MAX! Cubes has been found, they can be imported one by one or all at once. When imported, the MAX! Cube will be stored as a new gateway in the NEO device manager.

Integrate the MAX! Cube manually

If your MAX! Cube has not been found automatically, you can configure it manually. In this case please click the „new gateway“ button. Now enter a name, select the type (MAX! Cube) and enter IP-address, Port-Number and - if necessary - User and Password.

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