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Integrate NUKI BRIDGE as a gateway

If you are using the AIO CREATOR NEO with a NUKI Bridge plug-in, you can integrate the NUKI Bridge as a gateway in the device manager. For this purpose click the „new gateway“ button. Now enter a name, select the type (REHAU Nea Smart) and enter IP-address, Port-Number and - if necessary - User and Password.


Your NUKI BRIDGE and your NUKI SMART LOCK have to be already set up with your original NUKI app and both must be paired correctly.


OPen the original NUKI APP and go to the bridge settings menu. Here you can check the IP address of your NUKI BRIDGE and the token. Please note IP and token and navigate to the start screen of your NUKI app again. This is important, because as long as the app stays in the bridge settings menu, your NUKI BRIDGE is in service mode and can not be integrated into NEO. Before integrate the NUKI bridge intoNEO, please also make sure, that your NUKI BRIDGE is not flashing.

Now open the NEO device manager, go to the gateways tab and click on the “New Gateway” button. Assign a name for your NUKI BRIDGE and select the Type “NUKI BRIDGE”. Finally enter the IP address and the token and click “Save”.

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