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Button element

Buttons are elements that trigger a function when activated. You can add a new button-element to the remote page by clicking on the button icon .

The properties of the selected button can be assigned in the properties menu. Generally buttons can be assembled from two images. One for the button background (key) and one for the foreground (function icon). If both is selected, the foreground icon is automatically positioned centrally above the background image.

Exchange key images for several keys at the same time

It is possible to exchange the icon or background images in one step for several button images. For this purpose, you can select all the keys by multiple marking (hold down the CTRL key) for which the corresponding images are to be exchanged. Then select the desired image in the properties menu. The same image is inserted as the background or icon for all selected key elements.

Assign an action and/or a status

According to the functionality of a button we differentiate between the assignment of an action only and the assignment of an action in combination with the display of a status.

add an action

To trigger an action with a button, you have to assign the action in the properties menu.

add a status display

To display a status with a button, you have to assign the status in the properties menu. Status buttons dynamically change their image depending on the real status of the device. If you don't assign a status, the button image will always remain the same.

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