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General remote elements

A remote element is a layout and / or command element that can be placed anywhere on the page. You can select either general elements to design your individual remote pages like textfield, image, button, slider, camera, webpage, analogmeters, color chooser or special elements which depend on the activated plugins.

Add elements to the remote page: To add an element on the remote page simply click on the element in the element menu.

copy a remote element: To copy a selected element you can click on the copy-icon in the properties-menu or use the shortcuts STRG+C (copy) and STRG+V (paste).You can click on the “+” of a selected element.

delete a remote element: To delete the selected elements you can click on the delete-icon in the properties-menu, press the delete-key of your keyboard or click on the “X” on the upper left of the selected element itself.

properties: position, size, layer You can configure the selected remote element in the properties menu.

position: You can position the selected element by dragging it with the mouse or you can enter the coordinates in the properties menu.

size: You can adjust the size of the selected remote element by entering the exact size parameters in the properties menu or by dragging the lower right corner control with the mouse.

layer: You can define the layers of elements, so that elements can be optically positioned in the foreground or background on the page. Whether an element is placed in the foreground or background is indicated by the layer number. By using the single arrows beside the layer number you can move the selected element one layer up or down. By using the double arrows you can move the selected element in the absolute foreground or background.

Depending on the element, further settings can be made. These are explained in the respective element.

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