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IQONTROL provides an alarm-feature which increases the security of your home. It can be configured easily and you can use it in your local network as well as the remote mode. The actions and the trigger of the alarm can be assigned individually.

Generally it is necessary to enter a pin-code to activate/deactivate the alarm. Additionally you can set a delay. That means that the alarm will be armed not immediately after entering the activation-pin but after the entered delay time. This is useful e.g when you are running a motion sensor and still need some time to get out of the detection range of the sensor after the alarm has been armed.


To use the alarm-feature you have to download the latest version of IQONTROL and an AIO Gateway V4 with version 3.3.7 (or higher) or a AIO GATEWAY V5. Otherwise you are unable to use this feature.

Notice: If you have an existing IQONTROL configuration and umade a firmware update of your gateway to version 3.3.7 (or higher) you have to restart the app.

Default settings

If you have updated your firmware to the latest version, there will be automatically displayed a task with the name “Alarm”. In the default settings the pin of the tasks will be automatically set to “0000” and the activation delay will be set to “no delay”. That means the alarm can be activated and deactivated by using the pin “0000” and the alarm will be activated without any delay.

Attention: In case you have forgotten your pin, you have to reset your gateway because you cannot restore a pin-code.

Change the default settings

To change the default-pin and the activation delay you have to go to “Setup” → “Tasks” Now you have to tap on the alarm task.

In this task you can now change the default-pin. The format of the pin has to be 4 digits and numeric otherwise it can't be accepted by the system. The activation delay can be set up to 120 seconds.

Here you can also add alarm triggers and actions which should be executed if an alarm has been triggered.

Alarm status

The alarm status is visualized by a shield.



Alarm activation

After defining actions and triggers to the alarm task, it is now ready to use. To activate the alarm, tap on the shield icon on the start page. Now a pin pad will appear. After you have entered the correct pin, the activate button is ready to push. The count down of the activation delay (if set) will start immediately after pushing the actvate button. When the time expires the alarm will be armed and the successful activation will be indicated by a green check symbol. If you are using remote mode, the delay feature is deactivated.

Notice: To stop the activation while counting down you have to re-enter the pin.

Alarm deactivation

To deactivate the alarm you have to tap on the shield again. After entering your pin-code in the pin-pad the alarm will be deactivated without any delay.

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