First Steps


IQONTROL NEO is the free app that allows you to put the mediola AIO GATEWAYs V5 Plus and the V6 series into operation. IQONTROL NEO allows you to teach devices to the gateways, connect additional cloud devices to the app and control them in one interface. IQONTROL NEO is available for iOS and Android at Apple App Store resp. Google Play Store.

In IQONTROL NEO, devices are sorted according to room, which means you always have to create a room or select an existing room if you want to add a new device.

Furthermore, you can summarize device commands in scenes or automate them in tasks.

Group multiple device commands into a scene in order to run them together. For example, lower all shutters and switch off all lights and sockets.

Although a task can contain multiple device actions aswell, it does not have to be triggered manually like a scene, but starts automatically when a specific trigger occurs. This can be a fixed time, a device status, or further more. With a task, you can, automatically shut down the heating as soon as a window opens.

Create an account / Login

When you open the app for the first time, you have to accept the license agreement.

You can log in with your login credentials or create a new account if you do not already have a mediola account. When you create a new account, you will then receive an e-mail with a request to confirm your registration. Click on the verification link in the e-mail to confirm.

You can now log in with your login credentials.

Or you can start the demo mode to get an overview of the app, first.

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