Alarm task: create, activate and deactivate

1. General

IQONTROL NEO is equipped with an alarm feature that increases the safety of your home. It can be easily configured and used at home in your own network or remotely (via internet). The triggers and actions of the alarm task can be defined individually.

To activate / deactivate the alarm task, the input of a PIN is required. Additionally you can set a time delay. This delay defines, when the alarm task will be armed after the activation PIN has been entered.

2. Create an Alarm task

2.1 Alarm task on a Gateway of the V6-Series

On the V6-Series gateways an alarm task is automatically created and indicated by Alarm:. Go to main menu –> tasks to define your alarm task individually. The process is similar to normal tasks. Check the chapter tasks for more information about how to define triggers and actions.

Note: The V6-Series gateways allow only one alarm task, which can not be deleted (just modified and deactivated).

2.2 Alarmtask on a V5 Plus Gateway

Contrary to V6-Series gateways, there is no automatically created alarm task on the V5 Plus. On the V5 Plus you can define a normal task as an alarm task. It is also possible to have multiple alarm tasks. Check the chapter tasks for more information about how to define a normal task with triggers and actions.

To define one ore more tasks as alarm tasks, go to main menu –> setup –> alarm and tap alarm tasks.

Now you are free to assign any previously created task as an alarm task by clicking on the plus-icon. Then enter the 4-digit PIN to verify the alarm task assignment. The default PIN is “0000”.

To reset the alarm task assignment, go to main menu –> setup –> alarm –> alarm tasks and then tap the X-icon at the respective alarm task.Then verify the release of the alarm task assignment again with your PIN.

3. Set alarm-PIN and time delay

The default settings are: alarm-PIN is “0000” with no delay. This means, that the alarm can be activated and deactivated with the PIN “0000” and will be immediately activated without delay.

To define an individual PIN and to set a delay, go to main menu –> setup –> alarm.

IMPORTANT: If you forget/ loose your individual PIN, it can not be restored and it is then necessary to reset the gateway to factory settings.

4. Activate / deactivate alarm task

To activate/ deactivate an alarm task in IQONTROL NEO, tap on the Alarm button on the dashboard. Then enter your 4-digit alarm PIN and tap activate or deactivate. The status of your alarm task is indicated on the Alarm tile as shown below:



If time delay is set, IQONTROL NEO starts to count backwards after the activation button has been tapped. After the time has elapsed, the alarm is activated and a successful activation is indicated by an active alarm symbol in the alarm tile. If you are in remote mode, there is no activation delay. This feature is disabled in remote mode and the alarm is activated immediately.

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