Voice control and more: Upload to the Cloud

With mediola Cloud Services, you can use a variety of external cloud services, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or automation platforms such as Conrad Connect and IFTTT, with most of your IQONTROL NEO-integrated devices.

To control your devices i.e. with Alexa by voice, you first need to export these devices to the mediola Cloud. Please note: Currently only actuators (no sensors) can be exported to the cloud.

1. Activate Cloud Services

To upload devices in the mediola cloud, active mediola Cloud-Services are required. If you don't have active Cloud-Services, you can use the In-App-Purchase or buy an activation-key in the mediola online-shop. Navigate to main menu–>Account –> Cloud Services.

If you have already purchased cloud services, you can view the duration of the cloud services here. If you have not purchased the mediola cloud services directly in the IQONTROL NEO app, but in our online shop, you can also activate the activation key there.

2. Cloud Access auf dem Gateway aktivieren

After activation of the Cloud-Services it is necessary to enable remote acces on your gateway. For this purpose navigate to main menu –> setup –> Gateways. Now slide the slider for Cloud Access to the right to activate the cloud access of your gateway.

3. Upload devices to the mediola cloud

In the next step you can export your devices to the mediola cloud. To do this, go to mein menu –> account –> configurations –> Cloud-Export .

Now tap Start Export and confirm.

At cloud.mediola.com you can check your uploaded data.

Note: For Cloud Services (i.e. voice control), only the devices that are connected directly to the gateway are available. Not available are i.e. cloud devices like Philips Hue or Netatmo. If cloud devices are part of scenes exported to the cloud, they will be skipped during execution.

It might be possible that not all devices that has been exported to the mediola cloud can be used in the corresponding cloud service.To find out which devices work with which cloud service, please refer to the corresponding instructions of the respective cloud service.

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