Add Cloud-Devices

Additionally to devices which are connected directly to the AIO GATEWAY, it is also possible to integrate devices to IQONTROL NEO via cloud platforms. This way you can connect devices from i.e. Osram Lightify, Netatmo, Philips Hue and Ivideon (Oco-Kamera).

IMPORTANT: To integrate devices via cloud, it is necessary to set up the devices with the orginal app of the manufacturer first.

Add a Cloud Connection

In the first step, you have to activate the Cloud Access function on your AIO Gateway in the gateway settings under settings–> Gateway.

To be able to connect devices via cloud, valid Cloud-Services are required. If you don't have valid Cloud-Services you can purchase this Service for 12 or 24 month (via In-App-Purchase or in the mediola Online Store).

To purchase Cloud Services, to enter an activation key or to check the expiration date of your Cloud Services go to Account –> Cloud Services.

Once you have valid Cloud Services, you can start to integrate Cloud-Devices. For this purpose go to main menu –> Account –> Cloud Connections.

Now add a Cloud Connection by tapping on the Plus-Icon …

… and select the brand/ manufacturer of the cloud connection.

In the next step you have to enter your login credentials of your cloud account (your login credential of the original app) to authenticate. Tap authorize

…and enter your credentials in the respective online-platform.

Allow IQONTROL NEO to access your Cloud Account..

Once the Cloud-Account was connected successfully, you can start to add devices via this account.

Note on the integration of Philips Hue: The Hue Bridge must be online and accessable. If error 105 occurs, the bridge is not connected.

Import Cloud Devices

To import a cloud device, go to the main menu and select Add Device . Then assign a room (if no room has been created yet, add a room first).

Now select the device type…

…and the brand/ manufacturer.

Finally select the devices to import (a multiple selection is possible).

Delete Cloud Connections

To delete a cloud connection, go to main menu –> Account –> Cloud Connections . Now your existing connections are listed. Select the connection you want to delete, and then tap delete .

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