For which platforms is IQONTROL NEO available?

Android: Android 4.4 and higher
iOS: iOS 9 and higher

Tablet: Landscape
Phone: Portrait
The app does not rotate

Is it possible to use IQONTROL NEO without AIO GATEWAY?

No, an AIO GATEWAY is required.

Which AIO GATEWAYs are supported by IQONTROL NEO?

IQONTROL NEO supports the AIO GATEWAYs of the V6 series as well as the AIO GATEWAY V5 Plus. Other AIO GATEWAY versions are not compatible with IQONTROL NEO and can not be used.

Can AIO GATEWAYS be controlled locally with IQONTROL NEO?

Yes, there is no internet connection necessary to control all devices connected to AIO GATEWAY via LAN. Additionally it is possible to control the system remotely (via internet). This will require an internet connection and cloud services or VPN.

Is it possible to connect 3rd party smart home hubs to IQONTROL NEO?

Local connection of third-party smart home hubs is not possible, but via Cloud Services you can connect third-party smart home hubs (such as Philips Hue, Osram Lightify) and import the connected devices in IQONTROL NEO. To control these devices, an internet connection and cloud services are required.

Which wireless devices are supported by IQONTROL NEO?

There are two different ways to integrate wireless devices in IQONTROL NEO:

1. Locally via AIO GATEWAY

The supported devices depend on the AIO GATEWAY model used, as the different gateway versions have different functionalities. The list of supported devices for the different GATEWAY models can be found in our compatibility list.

2. Via 3rd party cloud platforms

In addition, it is possible to integrate wireless systems into IQONTROL NEO via 3rd party cloud platforms (i.e. Philips hue, Osram lightify). The supported devices depend on the respective cloud platform.

Which IR devices are supported by IQONTROL NEO?

Almost all. Via the integrated infrared transceivers of the AIO GATEWAYs, the commands of the infrared devices can be taught in via the original remote control.

Which IP-devices are supported by IQONTROL NEO?

Sonos Multizonenplayer, Netatmo, Möhlenhoff Alpha, Rehau NEA Smart

Is it possible to control my devices remotely?

Yes, it is possible. If you have valid cloud services (optional, chargeable), you can easily control your system remotely via the Internet. Alternatively you can also set up a VPN access to your home network.

How do I integrate cloud platforms into IQONTROL NEO?

If you have valid cloud services (optional, chargeable), you can also integrate the compatible cloud platforms and control the connected devices. Without valid cloud services it is not possible to control devices, which are integrated via cloud platforms. The following cloud platforms can currently be integrated:

  • Philips Hue
  • Osram Lightify
  • netamo weather station
  • Open Weathermap Online Weather Service
  • ivideon platform (several cameras of the brands Hikvision, Nobelic, Dahua and Oco)

Can I also use voice control?

If you have valid cloud services (optional, chargeable), you can also use the voice control features of the mediola skill for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Without valid cloud services, voice control is not possible.

How can I purchase cloud services and what do they cost?

Cloud Services is an optional paid service (per year), that can be purchased via in-app purchase. 1 year costs € 29.99. 2 years cost € 49.99.

Can I use the V5 Plus USB extensions in IQONTROL NEO?

Yes, but as an optional extension they are subject to a charge. For activation it is necessary to purchase the respective USB stick (EnOcean, Z-Wave, Zigbee) in the mediola online shop, including the activation key for IQONTROL NEO. The activation key must be entered in IQONTROL NEO to enable the features of the particular extension in the app.


Yes, since both are compatible, the IQONTROL NEO device configuration can be imported into AIO CREATOR NEO (but not the other way round).

How does the upgrade from IQONTROL NEO to AIO CREATOR NEO work?

The IQONTROL NEO device configuration, tasks and scenes can be imported into AIO CREATOR NEO. For this purpose, a special IQONTROL NEO Plugin is required for the AIO CREATOR NEO (price: 149 €). If the Plugin is activated the devices can be imported into AIO CREATOR NEO. Then you can create a completely individual app with the AIO CREATOR NEO App Designer easily by i.e. using special design widgets (IQONTROL NEO user interface is not included in AIO CREATOR NEO).

The special IQONTROL NEO plugin includes the activation of the necessary AIO CREATOR NEO Plugins, so that all your devices used in IQONTROL NEO can also be used with AIO CREATOR NEO. This generally includes the NEO Plugin AIO GATEWAYs as well as an icon set in the IQONTROL NEO design. If you are using a V5 Plus with unlocked USB extensions with IQONTROL NEO, you will also receive a corresponding AIO CREATOR NEO Plugin for the IQONTROL NEO extensions you have purchased (EnOcean, Z-Wave, Zigbee). All Plugins activated via the IQONTROL NEO Plugin will also receive 12 months SUS. Valid cloud services are also included.

Is there an upgrade option from IQONTROL to IQONTROL NEO?

No, unfortunately not, because both solutions are not compatible.

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