Heating schedules

With IQONTROL NEO (version 1.10 or higher) it is possible to create individual heating schedule in order to automate the heating process.

The heating schedules can be found under Menu–> heating schedules First you can name your heating schedule and activate or deactivate it.

Then specify the days for which the heating schedule should apply, as well as the runtime of the heating schedule by defining its start time and end time.

Afterwards select the details of your heating schedule. For this you have different blocks in a coordinate system. The x-axis shows the time, while the y-axis shows the temperature (0-30 °C).

The 24 hours of the day are divided into five heating periods (blocks). These blocks can be selected by simply tapping them and can be adjusted in length (time) and height (temperature).

It is not possible to generate additional heating blocks or use less than five. If you only need two different heating periods over 24 hours, you can realize this for example by spreading the desired time over several blocks with the same temperature.

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