Save restricted configuration

It is possible to save configurations with a restricted list of devices in order not to give users full access to all devices of the system. Example: A child gets in its configuration only special devices “unlocked”.

Go to Settings → Account → Configurations → Save configuration and select New configuration.

In this dialog, the two options appear below    * Save all devices (enabled as default)    * Save specific devices

To save only specific devices in the configuration, activate the option “Save specific devices”. Now the button “Select devices” appears.

If you tap on the button, all rooms are displayed. Now you can select individual devices by room (tick).

By tapping “Change room”, the room list will appear again and you can select another room and other devices.

If “Apply to” is tapped, the screen goes back to the “Save configuration” dialog.

If the configuration is now saved, only the selected devices and their rooms are saved. Everything else in the configuration (number of gateways, etc.) remains the same, but all devices and rooms that are not selected and all scenes are removed.

Note: It is not possible to save existing scenes to a configuration in which not all devices are saved. However, after loading the restricted configuration, new scenes can be generated and saved on the basis of the limited device list.

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