Save & load configuration

In IQONTROL NEO, you have the option of backing up your entire app configuration including the learned devices in the cloud. So you can easily load your created Smart Home Control User Interface to a new or additional mobile device.

Save configuration

Open the main menu and tap Account. In the next step tap configurations.

Now tap save configuration.

Tap the Plus-Icon, to save the current configuration.

Vergeben Sie nun einen Namen und ein Passwort für Ihre Konfiguration und tippen auf Speichern.

Important: If you lose the password for your configuration, the configuration can not be restored.

Load configuration

You can load a saved configuration immediately after logging into the app (before you connect a gateway). This is especially useful, if you want to use a new mobile device with an existing configuration.

Additionally it is possible to load a configuration by navigating to main menu –>Account –> configurations and then tap load configuration tippen.

Now select a configuration enter the correct password and finally tap load configuration.

Delete configuration

To delete a saved configuration first select load configuration and then tap delete configuration.

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