Add an OpenWeathermap device

To use OpenWeathermap as a trigger, it is required to first activate the OpenWeathermap online service as a cloud connection.

Set up the OpenWeathermap cloud connection

Please check the chapter Add Cloud Devices for general informations about the set up of cloud connections.

To activate OpenWeathermap a special API-Key is required, which you have to request at After you have received the API-Key from OpenWeathermap, please enter it in IQONTROL NEO.

Now you can define a location, for which you want to receive weather data.

Finally integrate OpenWeathermap as a device.

To do this, go to main menu –> Add device and select the device type Weather station .

Now tap OpenWeathermap and select your location. This location will be added as a device and can be used as a trigger in tasks.

Use OpenWeathermap as a trigger in a task

If you have added OpenWeathermap as a device, the defined location can be selected in a task for an IF-Trigger under Devicetrigger . Available trigger values are Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed und Wind direction.

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