Create scenes

1. What is a scene

A scene is a linkage of multiple single commands which can be executed by just one touch. In a scene you can combine commands of integrated devices. Additionally you can add pauses to the list of scene commands. When a scene is triggered, the scene items (commands & pauses) will be automatically executed sequentially (not simultaneously) from top to bottom of the scene list. This way you can realize “one touch scenes” like this: “Turn on TV, switch on the DVD player, wait 2 seconds, switch TV on DVD channel, turn off ceiling light, turn on wall lamp”

2. Add a scene

Open the main maenu and tap on scenes. Now tap the Plus-Icon to add a new scene.

Enter a name for the new scene and tap on the Plus-Icon actions to add a command or a pause.

It is possible to combine an unlimited amount of commands and pauses in on scene. T add an additional command or paus just tap the Plus-Icon again.

3. Edit, duplicate, delete scenes

To edit, duplicate or delete a scene open the main menu and tap scenes.

Now all existing scenes were listed. To edit a scene tap the pencil-Icon. To duplicate a scene tap the copy-Icon. To delete a scene tap the trash-Icon.

4. Execute a scene

To run a scene go to the dashboard and tap scenes. Now tap the Play-Icon to execute the scene.

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