Troubleshooting: Reset recovery mode and gateway

The AIO GATEWAY V6 Plus offers various options to solve simple problems with the gateway yourself. You can restart the gateway or put it in recovery mode to manually install a firmware version, if the gateway e.g. hung up during the update process.

In addition to the recovery mode, you can also reset various functions of the gateway, such as the network connection, user password and network or a complete reset to factory settings.

Restart the V6 Plus

In the ConfigTool NEO you can restart the AIO GATEWAY V6 Plus in tab System. Alternatively, the V6 Plus can also be restarted by briefly disconnecting it from the power supply.

Reset the gateway

To reset your gateway you have to push and hold the reset button on the back of the gateway and release the button in one of the following reset-modes:

LED lights green: reset WLAN/WiFi settings.
LED lights orange: reset WLAN/WiFi settings and the user password.
LED lights red: reset to factory settings.

Important: Release the reset button when the LED has the color of the reset mode you desire, to execute this reset mode.

Set ​​V6 Plus in recovery mode

To set the AIO GATEWAY V6 Plus into recovery mode, open the ConfigTool NEO and select the tab System.

You can also manually put the gateway into recovery mode. To do this, remove the power supply. Then hold down the reset button and plug in the power supply. Hold down the reset button until the LED lights up yellow and then release the reset button.

If the gateway is in recovery mode, the LED shines purple.

Now open the ConfigTool NEO and select your gateway.

You cannot make any settings in the ConfigTool NEO if the gateway is in recovery mode, you can only open the web interface of your V6 Plus. There you can exit recovery mode, install firmware and access support tools.

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