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Settings Menu

About AIO CREATOR NEO: Here you can find information about your software version, license key and unlocked plug-ins.

Online-Help: Helpful informations and How-to's around CREATOR NEO.

Support Tools: Quick access to directories and log files that may be needed when contacting our support.

User Account: Your NEO User account.

Remote: Several options for remote-files (ie open, save, rename, resize). Additionally you can upload remotes to the cloud-server and download previously uploaded remotes.

Device Manager: To manage all integrated components, devices and gateways.

Cameras: To manage and integrate supported JPG cameras and / or system cameras. You can insert the integrated cameras to the remote page via camera element.

Webpages: To manage and integrate websites. You can insert the integrated websites to the remote page via webpage element.

NEO Automation Manager: If you use the NEO Plugin Automation Manager, you can access the Automation Manager here.

Export to Cloud: To use cloud services, like using voice control or platforms like IFTTT or Conrad Conect, your configuration needs to be exported to the cloud. You can do this here. (Requires mediola cloud services.)

DeviceInfo-Editor: To integrate IP-devices via the NEO plugin “Generic IP Devices” you can use this Editor to integrate the devices in the DeviceInfo.xml file .

Macro-Editor: With the macro editor you can combine single commands to individual command chains. A macro can be assigned to a button for one-touch-scenes.

Canvas: To align remote elements precisely you can activate aid lines and magnetic functionality of the aid lines.

Theme: Change the Color and Layout of the NEO User Interface.

Settings: Several general setting options for grid, aid lines, tooltips, corner controls, etc.Log-Level and directory-path.

Synchronize Database: To synchronize the database of a user account.

Backups: To create a new backup or to load an existing backup.

Shortcuts: List of shortcuts

Startscreen: Move to the startscreen.

Quit: To close AIO CREATOR NEO.

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