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IQONTROL saves your entire configuration automatically in the app of your current device so that you can control your gateway directly with this device (without internet connection). But in case you are losing your device or the device will be damaged, your local configuration will be definitely lost.

That's why your configuration is saved on the servers of the mediola - connected living AG under an individual user-account. Saving a configuration gives you the advantage of a backup as well as the opportunity to download your configuration on other mobile devices.

Saving and storing a configuration online

To save your configuration you have to go to “Setup” and tap on the button “Save config”. Now a window opens where you have to enter the credentials for your user account (email-address and password). By tapping on “Save config” your configuration will be saved and assigned to your account. Attention: Please note your account credetentials.

Load configuration

To load a saved configuration you also have to go to “Setup” and the tap on the button “Load configuration”. In the following dialog you have to enter your credentials (email-address and password). By tapping on “Load configuration” your configuration will be loaded.

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