Example of use

A family with three members uses the alarm as a burglary protection for their family home.

All windows and the front door are equipped with window sensors. Each family member has a handheld remote control to activate / deactivate the alarm. A Sonos Play is available as sound player.


All family members must have an installed IQONTROL NEO app with the home configuration loaded. In the settings of each mobile device, the respective device is saved as a push device so that it can receive push messages.

A Sonos Play is integrated in the system and can be controlled via gateway.

Handheld transmitters and window sensors are taught-in to the gateway.

Create alarm messages

Every family member should receive a push message when the alarm is activated or deactivated or when the alarm is triggered.

The following messages must be created:

  • A message with the text “Alarm has been activated” for each push device
  • A message with the text “Alarm has been deactivated” for each push device
  • A message for each push device with the text “Alarm was triggered”

Alarm configuration

All windows / door sensors in the home are added as triggers in the presence mode in the alarm configuration.

The following are created as actions:

  • Type: Audio: Play alarm sound of one of 5 selectable alarm MP3s
  • Push messages “alarm triggered” are added for each device.

Event actions “On activation”:

  • Push messages “Alarm activated” are inserted for each device.
  • Gateway LED color on red (alarm is active)

Event actions “When deactivated”:

  • Push messages “Alarm deactivated” are added for each device.
  • Gateway LED color on green (alarm is inactive)

Define front door

In the presence mode, the front door sensor is defined as “front door” and a delay of 45 seconds as well as the sound alert1.mp3 are set (playing time of 3 seconds).

Create alarm keys

The alarm keys are created in the presence mode with the settings:

  • Activate: button 1 short
  • Deactivate: button 2 short

Acoustic confirmation

The acoustic confirmation is:

  • Devices: Sonos Play
  • Activate: activation1.mp3
  • Deactivate: deactivation1.mp3
  • Error: error1.mp3


  • Every family member can activate / deactivate the alarm using the handheld remote control.
  • If the alarm is activated, each family member receives a push message that the alarm is active. The same happens when deactivated.
  • An acoustic signal is played when activated / deactivated.
  • If the door is accidentally opened with the alarm activated, there are 45 seconds left to deactivate the alarm before the alarm is triggered.
  • If the alarm is activated with an alarm key and a window is open, the defined error signal sounds. You can see which window is open via the app.
  • The LED color on the gateway shows whether the alarm is active or inactive.
  • If the alarm is triggered, an alarm tone is played and all family members receive a push message.
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