In the case of device links, we differentiate between direct links, in which the devices communicate directly with each other without gateway participation, and between links in which the device control runs via the gateway. With links or direct links, devices can be connected to one another, so that, for example, a wall thermostat can be used to control a radiator thermostat without having to create a task.

Homematic IP direct links can only be created for Homematic IP devices with each other and here only for heating-based devices such as window sensors and radiator thermostats / wall thermostats. After the direct link, the devices communicate independently with one another; the gateway is not required for communication between the devices. Direct links can be created immediately after teaching, but can also be linked again at a later point in time in the device settings (under Rooms –> Edit–> Select device).

This function is only available for Homematic IP components and currently only for heating-based links.

In the main menu go to Settings and there to Rooms . Select the device you want to set up a link.

Now tap on the button direct links .

You will see the components you can link to. Select the device by tapping on it. A direct link will be created automatically.

Links to wall thermostats, radiator thermostats, dimmers as well as dimmer buttons and buttons that have two buttons are possible, provided they are from Eltako or Homematic IP. Devices that are linked to buttons must have a toggl command.

After being linked via the gateway, the devices communicate with each other. You do not need to create a task. Links can be created directly after teaching, but can also be linked again later in the device settings ( Rooms → Edit → Select device). The link must always be linked from the control device (wall thermostat, button) to the controlled device.

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