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End position settings and travel times for shutters or blinds

Currently only for Homematic and Homematic IP roller shutters

Immediately after teaching in shutters or blinds, you can define the end position settings or travel times of your shutters and blinds directly in IQONTROL NEO.

If you want to change the travel times and end position settings again at a later point in time, you can also change them later via the device settings (Rooms → Edit room → Select device).

Set the travel time with Homematic IP and a gateway of the V6 series

The travel time is specified here in milliseconds for up and down (and, in the case of blinds, also for slats). The roller shutter is automatically adjusted to match via * Start calibration *.

Set travel time with HomeMatic and a gateway of the V6 series

Here you have to enter the travel time for * up * and * down * in seconds and separate both values ​​with a comma. Automatic calibration is not possible here.

Set the travel time with a Gateway V5 Plus

There is no difference between Homematic and Homematic IP. Set the travel time for * Up * and * Down * in seconds and, in addition to the slat travel time (blinds only), also set the pause time for changing the travel direction.

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