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Gateway settings

To setup your AIO GATEWAY, go to main menu –> settings –> gateways.

In this section you have the following options:

  • edit gateway name
  • change the IP-adress of your AIO GATEWAYs
  • activate Cloud-Access (to connect Cloud-Devices or to use remote access)
  • test Cloud-Access
  • set the LED-color of the AIO GATEWAY
  • set the time zone and activate the summer or winter time
  • view the coordinates for your location or enter them manually

  * view the system information of your gateway

Under Expert setting you can change the sensor mode.

sensor mode

The AIO GATEWAY has the option to select a sensor mode. You can select a mode out of the following list (depending on the gateway model):

  • Homematic
  • FS20
  • RS2W
  • WIR

The AIO GATEWAYs V6 are equipped with a 868 Mhz transceiver. Due to the fact that 868 MHz transceivers can only receive messages from one manufacturer, it is necessary to select the desired manufacturer by setting the sensor mode accordingly.

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