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The main menu

The main menu can be accessed from the dashboard by tapping on the menu-icon (3 parallel bars) in the top left corner. The main menu allows to reach all areas of IQONTROL NEO and to make all settings.

Within the main menu you will find the following areas:


Everything around your personal mediola-Account:

  • Configurations - Save your current configuration, download an existing configuration or export a configuration to the cloud.
  • Push Devices - Set you mobile device as a push device to receive push messages as an action triggered in a task.
  • Cloud Services - Buy Cloud Services or check the expiration date. Unter Cloud-Dienste können Sie Cloud-Services erwerben oder das Ablaufdatum einsehen. Cloud services are required to control your home from outside your LAN, to use voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home and to connect cloud devices.
  • Cloud Connections - Cloud connections are required to integrate cloud devices such as Philips Hue in IQONTROL NEO.
    • Privacy - In Privacy you will find our privacy policy.
  • Extensions (only available with V5 Plus) - you can enter the activation keys you received with the purchase of a usb-stick (Z-Wave, Zigbee, EnOcean) for your V5 Plus. Please note that for use in IQONTROL NEO you need special IQONTROL NEO activation keys (it is not possible to use AIO CREATOR NEO Plug-In activation keys). You can purchase these activation keys bundled with the usb-sticks in our online shop. If you are using an iOS device, you can enter your activation keys via the cloud interface in the IQONTROL NEO section.
  • Change password - Enter a new password for your account
  • Log out - Lg out from your account


In this section you can create tasks to automatically run defined actions in response to a trigger / event. For example, the window sensor signal of an opened window will trigger to automatically turn down all heaters. How to create tasks is explained under create tasks. It's also possible to edit or delete existing tasks.


Unlike tasks which are executed by a trigger event (i.e., open window), scenes are executed by tapping a button manually. A scene links a list of single commands which can be executed by just one touch. In a scene you can combine all commands of IQONTROL NEO. Additionally you can add pauses to the list. When a scene is triggered by tapping the button, the scene items (commands & pauses) will be automatically executed sequentially (not simultaneously) from top to bottom of the scene list. Here you can group several device actions in such a way that they can all be switched directly via a single button. How to create scenes explained under create scenes. You can also edit and delete existing scenes in this section.

Heating schedule

You can set up a heating schedule for your heating devices.


In this section you can make all the settings for IQONTROL NEO, from configuring the gateway, setting an alarm task up to change the color theme.

  • In Rooms you can change the order of your rooms.
  • In Favorites you can define your favorites.
  • In Gateways you can make various settings for your gateway.
  • You can set up an Alarm at Alarm Tasks.
  • In Configurations you can save your current configuration by exporting it to the cloud, load another configuration or delete your saved configurations.
  • In Gateway Configuration you can save your current configuration on the gateway instead of saveing it in the cloud.
  • You can back up your gateway under Gateway Backup.If you need to replace your gateway or if you belong to another gateway of the V6 series, you do not have to relearn all the devices; the devices simply relate to the new gateway via the backup
  • In Weather you can set the weather data on your dashboard by your location. More Information on the dashboard.
  • At QR Code Archive you can safe or load the QR Codes used for learning devices to your gateway.
  • In Theme you can choose between different color designs of the app.
  • In Contact Support you can contact our support directly from the app and attach your current configuration, log files or your gateway data.
  • In Language You can set the app's language.
  • In About you can see the software modules used in IQONTROL NEO.
  • In Privacy you will find our privacy policy.
  • In Imprint you can see the imprint of mediola - connected living AG.
  • In Factory settings you can reset IQONTROL NEO to factory settings.

Add rooms

In this section you can add, edit or delete rooms. Any device is assigned to a room, so it is required to add a room first before you can add a device. For more Information visit Create and manage rooms and devices.

Add device

In this section you can add your devices.For more Information visit Create and manage rooms and devices.

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