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Create and manage rooms and devices

In IQONTROL NEO any device must be assigned to a room. If you want to add a device to IQONTROL NEO, you must first either create a room in the room settings or select an already existing room.

1. Create, edit and delete rooms

To create, edit or delete rooms, you must first switch to the room settings. To do this, tap Rooms on the app's dashboard.

Alternatively, you can access the main menu via the item Add Rooms to the same sub-page where you can create and manage your rooms.

1.1 Create a room

To create a room, go to the room settings as described in point 1.

Click on the plus icon to add a room.

Enter a name for your room, i.e. Living room. Now select an icon that will be used to indicate your room. Then tap Save .

1.2 Edit or delete a room

Go to the room settings, tap the room to edit and then tap the pencil icon next to the room name. Now you can change the room name and the room icon. You can also add additional devices to the room or edit your already integrated devices.

To delete a room, tap Delete room .

2. Create, manage and delete devices

2.1 Create devices

To create a device in IQONTROL NEO, open the main menu and tap add device .

Then select a room to which you want to add the device. If you do not have a room yet, please create a room first.

Then select the device type of your device.

In the next step, select the brand / manufacturer of your device.

Then follow the instructions in the app to integrate your device.  

Note: For some devices, the info icon at the bottom right of the app will help you to learn how to put your device into teach-in mode. If not please check the manuals of your respective device.

Now enter a name. Finally, tap Save .

IMPORTANT : An exception in the teach-in process are devices that are not taught directly to the AIO GATEWAY, but are integrated via the cloud in IQONTROL NEO. These include Cameras, Somfy Tahoma, Philips Hue, Osram Lightify and Netatmo . To learn how to integrate these cloud devices, see Integrating Cloud Devices.

Note : For some sensors it may be necessary to trigger them once after learning to provide a correct status

Note : When teaching the sensors of the FS20, RS2W and WIR electronics, you must first set the sensor mode in your gateway to be able to visualize the status of these sensors after they have been taught.

2.2 Edit and Delete Devices

To edit devices, first go to the room settings by tapping Rooms on the dashboard. Select the room to which the device is assigned, and then tap the pencil icon to edit the room. Now tap on the device you want to edit.

You now can change the device name or the used icon (only for devices available, that can be assigned to several device types - such as the door and window sensor, which can be assigned to both the “Door” and “Window” types) If you have made changes to your device, tap Save . To delete the device, tap Delete .

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