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1. Create Tasks

In the Tasks area, you can create cross-device automations. In a task you can define trigger events, i.e. a device status or a time, to automatically execute a specified sequence of device actions.

To create a task, open the main menu and tap Tasks . You can create a new task via the plus symbol.

On the V6-series gateways an alarm task is already installed. The alarm task can not be deleted, but only activated or deactivated
The alarm task is a special task that is armed via the alarm function and entering the alarm pin. The alarm task will be executed when the alarm is activated and the trigger occurs.

How to create an alarm task, check Alarmtask erstellen.

Enter a task name, create triggers, conditions and actions as described below and tap Save .

1.1 The general task architecture

A task always consists of a triggering event (IF) that must occur to start the task, and a sequence of actions (THEN) that will be executed when the triggering event occurs. You can also use the additional AND condition to restricts the triggering event. For example, set THEN the heating to 22 degrees, IF it is 17 o'clock AND the window is closed.

1.2 IF Condition

IF determines the trigger of an automation . When the event occurs in the IF block, the task will be executed.

Available are time trigger (timer), sunrise or sunset (Astro), the status of devices and infrared signals .

Tap the Plus icon in the IF area to select one of the triggers.

First selected a trigger device, then select the trigger status.

NOTE : Multiple IF conditions can be used in one task. The conditions are connected with the OR operator. To create a task that will be executed only when multiple conditions occur simultaneously, create an IF condition and add the other triggers as an AND condition.

1.3 AND condition

To further restrict a trigger you can use AND conditions. In this case all AND conditions will be checked first before the task will be executed.

As AND conditions you can use time conditions and/ or device status.
\\Currently only the status of the following devices can be used in the AND condition with gateways of the V6 series: Homematic IP, Eltako, MACO, Hoppe, OPUS, Afriso, EiMSIG und Winkhaus. A task does not necessarily need an AND condition. You can also create tasks that are triggered only by an IF condition.

It is also possible to select several AND conditions in one task. In this context, there are differences between the AIO GATEWAYs of the V6 series and the V5 Plus.

–> V6-Series:
If you use Gateways of the V6 series, all different AND conditions are linked by the operator AND. So all the used AND operators must be met to trigger the task.

–> V5 Plus:
If you use the V5 Plus, it is possible to link the different AND conditions by using the operators AND and OR. If the AND operator is used, both AND conditions must be met. If the OR operator is used, only one of the two AND conditions must be met.

If AND conditions are used, the task is not triggered until the IF condition occurs and the corresponding AND conditions (depending on the operators used) are met.

1.4 THEN actions

In the THEN area of the task you can be specify actions that will be executed as soon as the trigger occurs and all AND conditions are valid. In a task you can combine multiple actions. Once the task has been triggered, all actions will be executed sequentially (according to the actions order from top to bottom)

If you want to send a Push message as an action it is necessary to define a mobile device to receive the message first. Push devices can be set under –> Account –> Push Devices.

Note: The available action types depend on the used gateway. For the V5 Plus-Gateway you can use more action types (i.e. http-request) than for the V6-series gateways.

2. Edit or delete tasks

To edit or delete a task, open the main menu and tap Tasks .

Now all your already created tasks are listed. Use the pencil icon to edit your task. To delete a task, tap the trash icon.

3. Enable/ disable and manual start of tasks

To disable or enable a task created, tap Tasks on the dashboard.

Now all tasks are listed.

The calendar icon with the check mark indicates, that the task is active.

The calendar icon with the X indicates, that the task is disabled. Tap the calendar icon to toggle from enabled to disabled and vice versa.

To manually start a task (by skipping the trigger event), just tap the play icon of the respective task.

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