Task manager: hysteresis value

If you want to trigger a task as soon as a certain number value is exceeded ( e.g. as soon as the CO2 value exceeds 800) you will face the problem that the task is not only triggered at 800, but also at 801, 802, 803, etc. Your task will therefore be carried out continuously as long as the value increases.

The solution here is the so-called hysteresis value. This specifies that the task will only be executed one more time as long the specified hysteresis value is not reached. in the example above with the C02 value of 800, this means that the task is triggered once when the 800 mark is exceeded and only again after the value has fallen below 700 (set hysteresis value).

A hysteresis is therefore always offered in the Tasks area for all devices that are triggered in response to values. This is automatically set to the lowest possible hysteresis value as soon as you enter a value as a trigger. You can adjust the hysteresis as you like.

Please note that the hysteresis value must always be applied opposite to the set value. So if you want to trigger on a value greater than / equal to 800, the hysteresis must be less than / equal to 800 or lower. In the IQONTROL NEO tasks you cannot adjust the values ​​contrary to this logic.

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