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Setting a password

To set a password on the AIO Gateway V5 you have to select “Advanced” at the settings menu.

There you to have to enter your password which you want to set. By clicking on “Save” the password will be saved.

On the start page the gateway will now be shown as “password-protected”. By clicking on the gateway you will return onto the setting page.

Please notice that if you set a password then you have to set this password in IQONTROL too.
See also save user password

Change settings of the gateway

By clicking on “Unlock forms” you can't edit all options now. You have to enter the password you have set previously.

Now you have to enter your password and then click on “Apply”.

All editable option can now be edited.

Delete password

To delete the password on the AIO Gateway V5 you leave the password form empty.

By clicking on “Remove password” the password will be removed.

Notice: The cloud access will be deactivated if you remove your password.

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