Settings in ConfigTool NEO

In order to open the gateway settings, click on your gateway entry in the overview.

There are six menu options to choose from:

  • General
  • Network
  • Cloud Access
  • Advanced
  • System
  • Debug

In order to be able to make changes in the various tabs, always click on Unlock forms first. If the gatewy is password protected, you first have to enter your password before you can make any changes.


The name of the gateway, the location and a time zone can be set in this area. At this point you can also update your V6 Plus to the latest firmware version (recommended) as soon as a new version is available.


You can check and change network settings in this area an e.g. set the IP for your gateway manually.
If you operate your V6 Plus with a WLAN stick, you will get an additional WLAN-area to manage your WLAN settings.

Cloud Access

Check, test and set up your access to the V6 Plus from outside of your home network. To learn how to set up your cloud access, please check: Set up cloud access.


Here you can set a password for the gateway among other options. If a password has been set, changes in the ConfigTool NEO can only be made using the Unlock Forms button after entering the password. If you set a password on your gateway, please make sure to also enter the same password in the AIO CREATOR NEO device manager for your gateway entry.

Furthermore, a second sensor mode can be selected. The first sensor mode is permanently set to EnOcean.

In addition, you can change the color of the gateway's Led and create and restore a backup here.


You can restart your gateway, set the level for recording log files and activate the recovery mode.


Request an export log and debug files of the V6 Plus at this setting.

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