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Control your home via mobile app AIO REMOTE NEO

To control the mediola system using smartphones or tablets, the remotes generated in the Creator NEO must be loaded onto the mobile device with the free app AIO REMOTE NEO. You can download the app in the app stores for Android and Apple's iOS.

To comfortably transfer your remotes to the AIO REMOTE NEO App on the mobile units and to create a backup, you can upload the remotes to a free and personal account on the mediola cloud-server.

Download the free AIO REMOTE NEO (iOS or Android) to your mobile device.

When you open the AIO Remote NEO for the first time, you can choose between Demo and Load Remote Control . Click Load Remote Control .

If you are already using the AIO Remote NEO, you have to open the set-up menu first. The setup button appears automatically for a short time, if you open the AIO REMOTE NEO App. Alternatively you can open the setup menu any time with a two-finger swipe Up.

In the setup menu you have to authenticate yourself by entering your personal account data for “Username” and “Password”. To download your remotes tap on “Update Remotes now”.

You can now follow the update-progress of the remote control (0-100%).

After the remotes have been downloaded successfully, choose the remote you want to display and close the setup menu by tapping the Done button.


In the options section you can configure various settings for the AIO Remote NEO for example set up the push feature to enable push messages. By placing a check, you can also activate the Immersive Fullscreen or deactivate the inactivity actions.

Immersive Fullscreen

The app will be displayed in full screen without showing the status bar of the mobile device. This feature only works for Android devices.

disable inactivity actions

This option is related to a feature introduced with CREATOR 2.2.0 / 2.1.2. This feature can trigger an action after a period of inactivity, e.g. a page change. In AIO REMOTE NEO, this behavior can be disabled by setting Disable Inactivity Actions without having to re-upload the remote.

Ignore text size of the system (only for Android)

By selecting this option, the font size in the AIO Remote NEO App will always be set to default, even if a different font size has been selected via Android Settings.

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