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Set sensor mode

The AIO Gateway V4 and V4+ are equipped with one (V4) or two (V4+) 868 Mhz chips. By setting the sensor mode you will determine which sensor type the chip will detect. That is necessary because 868 Mhz chips can only detect one sensor type (i.e. Homematic). In this case no other sensor types (i.e. FS20) can be detected.

To change the sensor mode, start the ConfigTool in the setup mode. Then go to the “Advanced” tab and select the sensor mode via dorpdown box.

The following sensor modes are selectable:

  1. HomeMatic
  2. FS20
  3. Kopp Freecontrol
  4. Abus Privest
  5. RS2W (Renkforce)

Differences between the AIO GATEWAY versions V4 and V4+

The V4 is equipped with one adjustable 868Mhz rf-chip. The V4+ is equipped with two 868Mhz rf-chips. One is fix set to “Homematic”, the second is freely adjustable.

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