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License- and Test Mode

To use the AIO CREATOR NEO, it is first necessary to create at least one user. There are 2 ways to create a user:

  1. Create a user in test mode.
  2. Create a user with a valid license in license mode.

1. Use NEO in test mode
If you want to use NEO in test mode for an umlimited time, please open the users menu, enter a username and turn on the “test mode” switch. In addition you have to accept the license agreement.

Then you need to register for a mediola account or enter your already existing account informations.

The testmode contains all functions and features of our NEO Ultimate version, so all Plugins will be available. Not included in the testmode are charged Icon Sets and the transfer (up & download) to the AIO REMOTE NEO App on your Smartphones & Tablets has been eliminated. But you are able to test the created remote control pages with all inluded functions on PC/MAC via App simulator.

You can also switch to test mode from license mode, if you want to test a new plugin. Your valid license will be stored in the background and displayed under “license key”. After completing the test, you can easily switch back to license mode by turning off the “test mode” switch.

2. How to start NEO with a valid license or valid plugin code
If you want to use NEO intiatially in license mode please follow the steps below.

Go to the user menu. Make sure that the “test mode” switch is turned off. Now insert your valid license key and enter a user name. You also have to accept the license agreement.

Note: The license key and the integrated plugins are bound. To unlock new plugins you can use special plugin codes.

→ Run NEO in license mode by enter a plugin code
If you have run the AIO CREATOR NEO previously only in test mode (without valid license) and now enter a valid plugin code, the system detects that you previously had no valid license key and that this is your first activated plugin. In this case the system will automatically generate a valid license key. This key will be your personal license key, which includes the acivated plugin. Please save your license key.

Please Note:
For each user you need a valid license key (different user need different keys). Any user can create an unlimited number of remotes. A plugin code can only be used once for an activation of a plugin. After redeeming the code the plugin will be bound to your license key.

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