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Install additional Plug-Ins or icon sets

In order to install an additional plugin / icon set and connect it to your license, you need a plugin activation code. If you purchased the plugin / icon set at the mediola online shop, the code was sent to you via email. You can also look it up at “My account” → “My software downloads” in the mediola online-shop.

To activate the plugin / icon set for your license, please select your user in the start screen and click on Add plugin unlock code to get to the user menu.

Enter the plugin activation code in the input field provided and confirm with “Save”. Now the plugin / icon set is activated and added to your personal license. However, the license key itself does not change during this process.

In the case of icon sets, the respective icon set can finally be downloaded after activation. Further details → remote control skin

After activation, the activation code is invalid and can no longer be used.

Note: You should note down your personal license key if you want to use NEO on another PC or if you want to reinstall it.

If you have forgotten your license key, you can retrieve it by entering your access data on the start screen of the AIO CREATOR NEO at mediola Portal .

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