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Control your NEO system via Internet

To control and monitor your NEO Smart Home system from anywhere via the Internet, mediola offers varoius options:

  • Remote Access (access to devices that are learned V5/V5 Plus or V6-series)
  • Cloud Forward (access to devices that are learned in AIO CREATOR NEO)
  • VPN

Control your devices from anywhere: Remote Access and Cloud forward

With Remote Access, you can only control those devices from outside the home network that are learned to your V5 Plus/V5 Gateway or your Gateway of the V6 series.

With Cloud Forward, all devices that have been learned to NEO can be controlled from outside your home network. Only camera images can not be delivered, but the cameras themselves are controllable. Cloud Forward works with V5 Plus from firmware version 1.1.1 or NEO SERVER version 2.3.1 and from CREATOR versions 2.4.2, 2.3.4, 2.2.7 and 2.1.9.

Note: Cloud Forward requires a NEO SERVER. NEO SERVER is pre-installed on the V5 Plus, or can otherwise run on a separate instance. Both, Cloud Forward an Remote Access, require mediola cloud services. Set up cloud acces for V5/V5Plus or NEO SERVER with the ConfigTool NEO first in order to be able to use Remote Access and Cloud Forward. If you set a password for your gateway enter it in the CREATOR in the device manager aswell. To enable the Cloud forward feature, first update your gateway in the Device Manager. Please go back to the start screen and open your remote afterwards. Remote Access or Cloud Forward need to be turned on and off with a button in your remote manually. So first drag a button onto the desktop. Then assign an action to the button in the right-hand property bar. For Action, choose Execute Command, select your Gateway for Source, and then select your V5/V5Plus/V6-Gateway (or for Cloud Forward your V5 Plus / NEO SERVER). Now select the corresponding command for the Remote Access or, if you want to assign Cloud Forward, the appropriate Cloud Forward command. To view the status of your Remote Access or Cloud Forward, drag a text box to your remote and assign a status. Select Gateway as the source type and then select your gateway. To display the status of your remote access, select remote access settings as target. To display the status of Cloud Forward, select cloud forward settings. Note: If the AIO REMOTE NEO is closed, both Remote Access and Cloud Forward will be automatically disabled. ====Control your devices from anywhere via VPN==== VPN (Virtual Private Network) stands for an encrypted and thus secure access to the own home network. Since setting up a VPN access differs greatly depending on the router used (please check whether your router supports this service), no general procedure can be described here. For configuration details please read the manual of your router.

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