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Adjust size, position and layer of a remote element

select: You can select a single remote element by clicking it with the mouse. By dragging a field or pressing the STRG-Key a multiple selection can be made.

position: You can adjust the position of an element either by dragging it with the mouse or entering the position coordinates in the properties menu (counted from the upper left corner of the element: X = padding left, Y = padding up).

resize: You can resize the selected element either by dragging it with the lower right corner control or entering the values in the properties menu. By default the resizing via corner control works with a fixed aspect ratio. If you also want to change the aspect ratio, you have to press the Shift key simultaneously while dragging the corner control.

layer: Remote elements can be optically positioned in the foreground or background on the page. Whether an element is placed in the foreground or background is indicated by the layer number. By using the single arrows beside the layer number you can move the selected element one layer up or down. By using the double arrows you can move the selected element in the absolute foreground or background.

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