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Camera Manager

With the camera manager menu you can manage all the integrated network cameras or add a new one easily. The properties of the selected camera are displayed on the right side of the menu.

Add a new network camera
To create a new camera, please press the plus icon. You can choose from the two options “system camera” and “JPEG camera”.

A “system camera” is a camera that is directly supported by AIO CREATOR NEO. For this type of camera please select the manufacturer and type and enter the IP address.

Network cameras that are unknown to the system can be integrated as a “JPEG-camera”. To include any IP camera as a JPEG camera, the camera must provide a JPEG image via an HTTP URL. To include such a camera, the following information must be entered:

  • The image source (URL which provides the jpeg image of the camera)
  • If necessary the access data (user name and password to access the image)

In the Properties menu, you should also activate the auto-refresh option, so that the camera image will update automatically.

Im Eigenschaften-Menü sollten Sie außerdem die Auto-Refresh-Option mit einem Haken aktivieren, damit sich das Kamerabild automatisch aktualisiert.

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