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Integrate camera controls/ additional camera functions

If cameras are equipped with additional functions that are implemented in NEO, you can integrate the functions via a button element or as a status via a text or image element.

camera controls:
To integrate control commands or other functions of a camera (if available), you can select a button element and then click the “assign action” button in the properties menu. Now select “control camera”, one of the previously integrated cameras and finally select a command.

When pressing the button the assigned action (i.e. panning the camera to the left) will be executed.
→ Doorbird: available actions ⇒ “open door” and “light on”.

integrate additional status visualizations:
To display different status provided by a cam, you can use a text and/ or image element. For this purpose please select the element and click on “assign status” in the properties menu. Now select “camera as source, and then “device” and “status”. The Screenshot shows a Doorbird device as an example-

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