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Import Feller Zeptrion Air devices

Please make sure to set up your Feller Zeptrion Air devices with the original Feller app first before importing them into NEO.

To integrate Feller Zeptrion Air devices into NEO open the device manager and select the gateways tab. In the first step you have to integrate the Feller Zeptrion intermediate modules (Nebenstelle & Zwischenmodul) as a gateway.

Open the gateways tab of the device manager, click “Search Gateways” and then select “Feller Zeptrion”.

Select the listed modules (tick) you want to integrate and click “import”.

Now you can import your devices. Open the devices tab, click the “Import devices” button and select the previously integrated Zeptrion modules.

Now the channels of the integrated modules are displayed and can be selected (tick) to import them to NEO by finally clicking the “import” button.

In the next step you have to define the device type of each imported channel. For this purpose select the imported devices one by one, choose, if this channel controls a switch, dimmer or blind and finally save your modification.

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