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Import devices from a Teufel Raumfeld Sound System

If you use a Raumfeld sound system, you can automatically import the connected rooms and devices into the NEO Device Manager. To do this, click the button “Import devices”.

A menu opens, where you have to select “Raumfeld”. Then the connected devices are detected and listed so that you can check the boxes of all devices you want to import.

After you have imported the Raumfeld devices, the different Raumfeld features can be integrated to the remote page by using the special remote elements “Media Player (list)” or “Media Player (controls)”. If you drag one of these special elements to a remote page, NEO will automatically ask you to assign the Raumfeld device. After assigning the Raumfeld device all functions of this spacial elements (which are group elemets, consisting of several single elements) will be assigned in one step.

Alternatively you can assign any single function or status feedback, provided by NEO, one by one to a remote element.

Please note: Devices only can be imported automatically, if they are connected to the same subnet as the computer on which the AIO CREATOR NEO software is running. If the devices are not detected automatically, you can integrate them manually by clicking the button “New device” in Device Manager (You have to select „—“ for gateway and enter IP-address and port number).

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