Create/ rename/ save/ delete remote-file

Note: This chapter refers only to the local version of the remotes (not the copies uploaded to the cloud-server).

You can create, delete or rename remote files directly in the startscreen by using the buttons under the remote list box. To or rename a remote file you have to select the file first.

Once you have opened a remote file, you can use the “remote”-category of the settings menu with the following options:

  • “New…” - to create a new remote.
  • “Open” - to open an existing remote
  • “Save” - to save the open remote
  • “Save as” - to save the open remote with a new name
  • “Upload” - to upload the remote to the cloud server
  • “Download” - to download a remote from the cloud server to NEO
  • “Rename” - to change the name of the open remote
  • “Select Skin” - to select a skin (icon set)
  • “Delete” - to delete the open remote
  • “Elements on Page” - To list all elements on the active remote page. Select element ion the list will be also selected in the remote page. This feature might be useful, if you have some graphics at the same position in different layers.
  • “Page Resize” - to change the size of the complete remote page (incl. all elements)
  • “Information” - shows current name and skin. You can also change the assigned mobile device.
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