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Menu Bar

To show a tooltip with a short description of the function of the icons, you can use the mouse-over-function.

Settings Menu: The settings menu includes several setting options.

Plugins: Shows both your licensed plugins and all currently available plugins.

Iconsets / Skin: You can download your licensed skins / icon sets or install updates for the icons in this section.

Upload: To transfer the remotes to your Smartphones and Tablets and to saver them as a backup, you have to upload the remotes to our cloud-server.

For this purpose you can create a personal user account on the Mediola cloud server to store your personal remotes and easily download them to the AIO REMOTE NEO App. Additionally the cloud server uploads can be used as a backup to protect your remotes against local data loss.

Note: The upload process is no automatic update of your mobile units. To update your mobile units it is necessary to go to the setup menu of the AIO Remote NEO App and click the button “Update remotes now”.

Preview: To test your remote including the assigned actions and integrated live images you can use the preview. After clicking the preview button, a pop-up window will open in the remote resolution.

Device Manager: The device manager is the central administration and configuration tool for all integrated components, devices and gateways. The device manager contains the following sections:

  • devices
  • gateways

Undo:: All actions done in the editing area can be undone until the last saving. You can also use the shortcut CTRL + Z.

Redo:: Undo-Actions in the editing area can be redone until the last saving. You can also use the shortcut CTRL + Y.

Zoom in / Zoom out: For a better handling you can change the display size of the editing area. For this purpose, you can use the icons in the menu bar or edit the percentage in the lower right corner of the window.

Grid: In order to simplify the alignment of the remote elements a grid can be displayed.

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