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Properties Menu

The properties menu always shows the properties of the selected element in the editing area.

Size: The resolution (width x height) of a remote file and its remote pages should fit to the screen resolution of the used mobile unit. You can see the page resolution by selecting the background of the page.

Background Color: Any remote page has a defined background color which will be visible, if no or a too small background image has been selected. To define the color you can use the colorchoser or insert a hexadecimal color code manually.It is possible to either select one of the colors predefined by the system or to directly enter a color code (hexadecimal) for an individual color.

Background (image): You can select a background image by clicking on the edit-icon (pencil). You can use one of the standard images from the image catalog or import any image you like (supported: PNG, JPG and GIF).make sure that the background image is the same size as the remote control. If the image exceeds the size of the remote those parts of the image which protrude beyond the surface of the remote control are cut off. If the image is too small, the missing area is filled with the set background color. The creator always positions the background image from the top left corner. A background image can be deleted using the “Remove background image” button.

Swipe Gestures: You can define the four one-finger-swipes „up“, „down“, „left“ and „right“ individually for any remote page.

The following options are available for swipes:

  • execute command
  • execute macro
  • switch page
  • refresh page
  • previous page
  • next page
  • open Popup
  • control camera
  • send HTTP request
  • no action

Important Note:
Two-finger-swipes are system commands and can not be changed. Function of two-finger-swipes:

  • up→ open setup
  • left→ move to previous page
  • right→ move to the following page

Page status and page action: Similar to buttons, a page can also be assigned a status and a status value. In addition, an action can be defined that is carried out when the page status occurs. E.g. changing to a certain page when the doorbell rings. → More details about page status and page status action

Auto-Refresh: You can enable/ disable the auto-refresh for every remote page and define the refresh-time.

Set password: Choose a passwort to protect the remote page.

Click Sound / Vibration: Option to set the occurance of a click sound or vibration on tapping a button element.

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