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Modify a slider element via CSS

In addition to image-based slider styles, you can also modify a slider by using CSS commands. For this purpose select a slider, click on the “style”-Button in the properties menu and select the “CSS” tab.

In the offered dropdown list you can select the different slider segments and adjust them either with the provided controls or customize them by inserting CSS commands in the input box on the right side.

A slider always consits of the following segments:

Layout → general size settings
Container → background of the slider
Knob → touch point of the slider
Background left → slider on the left side of the knob
Background right → slider on the left side of the knob
Corner left → slider corner on the left side
Corner right → slider corner on the right side

Any changes will be displayed directly in the preview window of this context menu. To improve the visibility, you can adjust the background colour of the preview window by clicking on the brush icon.

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