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Add a status device

If a button shall not only execute an action but also show a status, you have to assign both options (action and status device) in the properties menu. Selectable are all devices stored in the device manager, which provide a status.

Status buttons dynamically change their image depending on the real status of the device. For this reason only status icon sets (consisting of several images) are selectable in the image catalog. Each image of the status icon set indicates one status.

Note: Although the identical device is likely to be used for the action and status in the majority of cases (if the device to be switched also provides the displayed status), it is, however, not absolutely necessary. A case in which action and status diverge occurs,might be for example, if you want to display the status of an individual device on a button, but want to run a macro when the button is pressed.

Why does the icon not show the status of my device?

The status graphics (e.g. the garage) are assigned certain status reports to which this graphic responds. In the case of the garage icon, this is “state_open” and “state_closed”. In our view, this is the most common status for garage doors. But your device may deliver a different status. Then the status icon does not respond.

But you can help yourself here and “translate” with a status rule for the icon.

First you need to find out what status your device is reporting. Therefore assign the status of your device to a text field and check the delivered status of your device in the app preview.

Then create a status rule. You can find out how this works in the area create, edit and assign status rules.

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