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If a new version is available for your AIO CREATOR NEO, this will be indicated in the NEO home screen in the lower right corner.

To install the update please click on the „download version x.x.x.“-Button

If the available upgrade is a minor or major upgrade (1st or 2nd version number changes), which means that the upgrade is SUS-relevant, a new window opens, where you can check whether your plugins are still supported after the upgrade or whether you need a SUS extension to be able to use your plugins with the new version. If your plugins are still supported click on download new version . If your plugins are no longer supported, you can close the window and purchase an SUS extension, or you can instead just make a patch update (only the 3rd version number changes)in the branch your plugins are still supported. (In the screenshot e.g. from 2.6.8 to 2.6.9 instead of upgrading to 2.8.1) To load the corresponding patch update , click on All versions and install the appropriate patch version from our website.

You will now be redirected to our update web page. Here you can download the new version of the NEO for your operating system.Note: Close the AIO CREATOR NEO before starting the installation process.

Now execute the installation file and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can check “About AIO CREATOR NEO” in the settings menu for a new version. The update procedure is identical to that described above.

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