Diese Dokumentation ist nur noch für ältere Produkte, die nicht mehr weitergepflegt werden.
Unsere neue Dokumentation für aktuelle Produkte finden Sie unter:

NEO Development and Upgrades

We are continuously working on the development of new features for AIO CREATOR NEO. Due to our ambitious as well as complex All-In-One approach on the one hand and the exceptional development speed of Smart Home technologies on the other hand, NEO offers new product innovations very dynamically. This results in a release cycle of approximately 6 – 12 months for paid NEO upgrade versions.

For all Major- und Minor-Upgrades (1. or 2. digit of version number changes) you have to buy a new licence or you use the → Subscription Update Service (short: SUS) to profit from all NEO Upgrades cost-effectively.

Patch-Service-Updates (only 3. digit of version number changes) are free of charge.

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